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We are the largest manufacturers of Mosquito Repellent Coils in South India. Our company is committed to manufacture quality mosquito repellent coils. We offer a comprehensive range of mosquito repellent in conformation with the international standards. Our mosquito repellent coils come in different forms like coils, vaporizers, etc.

Our products can be used in both indoor and outdoor for repelling mosquitoes. Customers can avail highly reliable and easy to use mosquito repellent coils from us. We are one amongst leading companies for offering a wide assortment of products in the Industry. Customers are fully satisfied with high grade quality and the best mosquito repellent coils.

The modern day mosquito repellent coils burn for 8 to 12 hours. Mosquito repellent coils are inexpensive and also easy to use anywhere without aid of power. Mosquito repellent coils provide corner to corner protection from mosquitos apart from pleasant fragrance.

We offer mosquito repellent coils in different specifications like 8hours, 10 hours, 12 hours protection in Black, Red and Green format. We have installed State of Art machinery and equipments to manufacture Low smoke or smokeless Black coils which provide maximum protection up to 12 hours.

"Good sleep good health"

Quality Policy: "To produce zero defect products to enhance customer satisfaction at lower cost by trained, skilled and motivated work force with innovative methods". We are committed to provide world class products and services.



Goodluck Less Smoke Coil:(Black Coil) This is the new form of Less smoke mosquito coils made out of charcoal for the deep reach action keeping away mosquito from every corner of the home with pleasant fragrance. This coils can be produced as per the customer requirement of 8 or 12 hr protection.

Goodluck Maha Bigger coil: A powerful variant and highly effective Red coils, Difficult for mosquito to build a defense against this mosquito repellent coils which gives 12 hours protection.

Goodluck Maha Super coil: These Red color Mosquito Coils is known for their optimum quality and high reliability.

less smoke coil
Goodluck Less Smoke Coil

Goodluck Less Smoke Coil
Color : Black
Protection Time : 12 hours
Primary Box : 10
Secondary Box : 60
Description : New generation Less Smoke Black Coil with pleasant perfume for longer protection from mosquitos.

less smoke coil
Goodluck Maha Bigger coil

Goodluck Maha Bigger coil
Color : Red
Protection Time : 10 hours
Primary Box : 14
Secondary Box : 48
Description : These repellents with deep reach action keeps mosquito away from every corner of the home.

less smoke coil
Goodluck Maha Super coil

Goodluck Maha Super coil
Color : Red / Green
Protection Time : 10 hours / 8 hours
Primary Box : 14 / 12 / 10
Secondary Box : 60
Description : A powerful variant and highly effective, Difficult for mosquito to build a defense against this mosquito repellent coils.


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